Great Book for Building Kids’ Self-Esteem

September 25, 2011

Every mommy and nanny knows the importance of reading to her children.  When kids see from an early age that books are important and that the adults in their lives value reading, the possibilities are endless.  I want to share with you that it’s not only important that you read to your children, but the specific books you choose to share with them matter as well.

lulu cover

Children should be reading books that boost their self-esteem and build them up!  For this reason, I highly recommend The Adventures of Lulu by Louise Hay.  This book teaches kids principles that create self-esteem, resourcefulness, and strength.  I have always enjoyed reading this book to children and I can tell they love reading it with me.  I hope you will check it out for your own family!


The Organic Nanny Action Kit

February 4, 2011
Action  1! SIGN-UP for the Organic Nanny , our monthly email newsletter that provides healthy living tips, solutions, options, and steps to protect your children’s health. 

*Forward these monthly newsletters to ten friends you love and learn together about raising healthy families in a toxic world. Urge each person to forward the information to people they know.

Action 2! TAKE a virtual stroll through the Organic Nanny  and visit each room in the house filled with everything you need to know about hidden toxins and their healthy alternatives.

 Action 3 ! REPLACE three toxic household cleaning and pest control products with safe alternatives (and throw in a few organic fruits and veggies from a green grocer) and consider switching permanently. You can find recommended products in the Mommies and Nannies section of our website.
Action 4  !SUPPORT Our dream by becoming a member and purchasing our book ”The Organic Nanny’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids’‘. Your financial support will enable us to sustain our national campaign  to educate parents throughout the United States on the importance of taking health protective steps for children in their homes, schools, and communities and spread our organic mission.

Action 5 !  STIMULATE discussion in your child’s school or day care center, your community center, or parks and recreation department as to what precautions are being taken to ensure that kids are not being exposed to toxic substances in the air, food, water or food products in each of these places. Use articles from our site to focus the conversation and start Organic Nanny Whole Foods Workshops.

Action 6!  SEND a letter or an email to your member of Congress asking him/her to ensure funding for the U.S. EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection — the only government office charged with protecting the environmental health of the nation’s children. We hear that this office will be dismantled soon, so your voice needs to be heard.

Make Time for “Mommy Time”

October 1, 2009


I know that mommies spend their entire day worrying about the needs of other people.  Does my kid’s fever warrant a trip to the doctor?  How can I get my son to his soccer game and my daughter to her ballet practice on time?  Have I bought the “thank you” presents for the teachers yet?

You need to know that it is important for mommies to focus on their own physical and spiritual well-being.  When you are healthy and happy, your family will be as well.

One of my favorite places to relax and rejuvenate is the Optimum Health Institute.  This place is one of my top recommendations for those who want to purify the body and quiet the mind.  I hope you will check out their website.  Even if you can’t make it to the Optimum Health Institute, please take some time on a regular basis just to take care of yourself.  Your family will be better for it!

My Favorite Organic Celebrity Mommy is …

September 28, 2009

going green

Julia Roberts! She has a wonderful approach towards teaching her children to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.

Julia’s perspective on how we treat the earth was changed when she had her kids and started thinking more about what our water, air, and natural beauty will look like in the future.  Earlier this year, Julia Roberts visited Oprah Winfrey’s show to talk about her efforts to go green.  She was joined on stage by another one of my favorite people, Sophie Uliano.  The entire episode was a wonderful introduction for anyone who wants to enjoy a more organic and “green” lifestyle.  In addition to talking about her ecofriendly practices, Julia also talked with great emotion about her kids and her nanny.  Of course, I am going to love that!  Please go to Oprah’s website to watch the entire piece.

Also, I recommend a visit to Sophie Uliano’s website, Gorgeously Green.  There you will discover simple and fun ways to live more consciously of your environment.  Sophie also has a fantastic book, Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life, that is available now!