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Encouraging Exercise in Toddlers

November 10, 2011

There is a global trend towards obesity, and this epidemic is worrying to all of us. But the most disturbing fact is that toddlers and younger children are already starting to exhibit signs of being overweight. If this is how a child starts her life, then the likelihood that she will struggle with being heavy throughout her life is far higher. There are a number of reasons for this worrying trend, but thankfully there are solutions that you can implement in order to change or prevent such a situation.

Here are three areas that you can focus on in order to keep your child at a healthy size. It’s a guarantee that they will be healthier as a result.


Growing children do need to take in a high amount of slow-acting carbohydrates and even some sugars to get them through the day, but overfeeding kids and poor diet choices can lead to health issues and obesity at an alarmingly young age. Some baby foods already contain sweeteners and preservatives, which will cause your child harm from the outset. It is advisable to make the baby food yourself once he has reached a certain age. Instead of buying expensive baby puree, why not make it yourself? This way you can regulate exactly what goes into the food, experiment with combinations that baby enjoys, and save money while interacting with your child. Slightly older children will also have the urge for unhealthy foods, and are likely to lash out if they don’t get what they want. You need to assert your authority here, and try to get them on the healthiest diet possible. In time they will grow to enjoy these foods. Try to get them involved in the cooking process – if they feel engaged they will be more likely to eat what is on offer. Emphasizing healthy dietary habits will become a lifelong safeguard against obesity.


Once your child is old enough to decide whether they want to play inside or lounge outside, you can start encouraging exercise. Something as simple as playing will help the muscles develop, keep them healthy, and help to keep weight off. Put off the purchase of TV or computer games for as long as possible! A healthy life outdoors will encourage lifelong activity.


At the end of the day it is still your responsibility to control what your child eats and does. Always take responsibility, lead by example, and make sure that you stick to dietary rules or outdoor guidelines religiously. You will soon see and improvement.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is a mother of two and a huge fan of art.


Organic Parenting

November 1, 2011

This guest post was written by Victoria. She is a stay at home mom who is currently working on a project pertaining to Canada Facts and the Canadian Economy.

Everything organic is the rage right now, and the phenomenon has extended into the world of parenting. Organic parents claim that they have healthier, happier children, but what exactly does it entail? And is it any good for your child? This post will look at the ins and outs of organic parenting so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you can extend the organic lifestyle to your parenting strategy. Bear in mind that there are levels of dedication to the whole organic lifestyle, and they are not of the same ethos or intensity. Where possible, I’ve tried to show the extremes as well as the middle ground so that you can decide where you and your family fit in.

Let’s take a look at three key figures of organic parenting:

Food and Diet
Family Roles
A lifestyle choice

Food & Diet

Organic parents are committed to feeding their children the most natural, varied diet possible. This has some clear health benefits. Some baby foods on the market contain processed products, and if you have an older child, it is scary just how quickly they develop an attraction to unhealthy food. A diet that if higher in raw, healthier foods is obviously a clear solution to this. Introducing healthy foods at a young age is a great idea, and arguably the most important and positive aspect of organic parenting principles.

Family Roles

As the name suggests, organic parenting is a far more naturalized, ancient way of life. This involves a natural diet, and a more “tribal” system of raising children. Here, the mother still has the ultimate influence on her child, but every member of the family has a role to play in educating, entertaining, and helping the child to grow. This more detached system has been around for millennia and has many benefits – children learn respect, mass interaction can aid development and so on – but for many mothers a modern adaptation of this lifestyle is simply too much. Do you want other people raising your child? Although the tribe metaphor is limited by practical boundaries of modernity, the idea that a child is raised by a family is not all that foreign. Think carefully before you take this step.

A lifestyle choice

Like any parenting approach, the organic method of parenthood is likely to affect the lifestyle of your child as they become adults. Do you want them to live in this way? Always take care when making such big decisions.