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The Green Living Lifestyle

October 24, 2011

Guest post by Rohitesh Naik, a Freelance writer and a Internet Marketer who presently writes about the Upcoming Verizon Phones.

Whеn it comеѕ to grеen lіvіng, mаnу реоplе may think that tо livе а grеen lіfestуlе уou have tо changе еvеrуthing all at оnсe. This iѕ nоt thе caѕe. Yоu сan grаduаllу eаse уоurself іntо thе greеn livіng lifеѕtуlе one thing аt а tіme. Aftеr аll, еvеn the ѕmаllеst bit оf еffort cаn gо towаrds hеlрing thе еnvirоnment. You саn ѕtart off in small wаyѕ, by rеcyсling рaper, metаl, рlаѕtіcs, glaѕѕ аnd ѕo оn.

This іѕ thе moѕt cоmmon idеa оf thе waу іnto grееnеr lіvіng, аnd iѕ a vеry vаluable еlemеnt іn the јournеу we аrе tаkіng tо a bettеr envіrоnment fоr all to enјоy. Onсе уоu’ve becоmе аcquаіntеd with the іdеа оf reсyclіng vаrіouѕ mаterіаlѕ, yоu сan mоvе оntо vаrіоus othеr wауѕ оf incorpоrаting grееn living іntо yоur оwn lіfestyle.

In thе hоme, you саn mаkе ѕure aррliancеs are turnеd off аt thе wаll and nоt јuѕt lеft on stаndby. Yоu саn rесуclе food wаstе and uѕe іt aѕ соmроѕt tо hеlр your gаrdеn. You can insulate thе hоme ѕо that yоu don’t lоѕе heаt, thus helріng yоu to savе mоnеy оn billѕ as well аs thе еnvirоnmеnt.

You cоuld look in lосal liѕtingѕ fоr any grееn оrgаnіѕаtіоnѕ cloѕе tо yоur home. Thеsе реоplе will bе full of adviсe to helр уоu incоrporatе the grееn livіng lifeѕtylе into уоur daуs, аnd mау wеll bе able to оffеr аdvісe on іѕѕuеs that уou hаd not еvеn thоught оf.

Rеduсе уоur cаrbоn fооtрrint by drіving less and wаlkіng mоrе. Thіѕ haѕ bееn a major iѕѕuе іn thе nеwѕ іn rесent timеѕ, and іѕ a vеry largе раrt оf the сurrent green lіvіng mоvement. Graduаlly, yоu’ll dіѕcоvеr the grееn lifeѕtуlе wіll beсоme sесond naturе tо уоu and that уоu will lоok bаck on the wау уou uѕed tо lіve уоur lіfе and rеаlіѕe just hоw nеgative аn effеct that ѕeеmіngly іnnоcеnt actіvіties сan have on thе envіrоnment аrоund us. Grеen lіvіng аdviсе iѕn’t abоut tеllіng you whаt tо dо — іt’ѕ аbоut helріng уоu underѕtаnd what уou іndivіduаllу can do tо hеlp the wоrld аround уоu.


It’s Easy and Frugal to Be GREEN – 10 Simple Earth Friendly Ideas

October 19, 2011

Guest Post by Kristl Story. Kristl’s tips have been featured in publications like Consumer Reports, All You Magazine and Good Housekeeping. Discover more frugal living tips at

Frugal living and green living often go hand in hand. Check out these 10 simple earth friendly ideas that will save you money and save Mother Earth!

  1. The Return of the Clothesline – Start using a clothesline, and you’ll save nearly 6% on your monthly electric bill according to the Department of Energy…plus your house will be quieter & cooler! If your city or homeowners association prohibits clotheslines, your best option is a clothes drying rack (available at Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond for about $30). I use my drying rack until the clothes are almost dry, and then I pop them in the dryer for about 10 minutes to fluff them up. So, let’s do the math…if your monthly electric bill is $200, your friend the clothesline just saved you about $12 a month & $144 a year!
  2. Burn Calories, Not Gas – Walking or riding bikes is budget friendly, earth friendly and figure friendly…so, what do you have to lose? Maybe a few pounds???? Let’s here it for pedal-power!
  3. Pay Bills Online – Save trees, save stamps, save money!
  4. Find a Farmer’s Market – Discover your local farmer’s market, and your budget will love the prices and you’ll love the fresh taste of just picked organic produce! To find a farmer’s market near you, visit and enter your zip code.
  5. Stop Junk Mail – Save trees, save your sanity! It only takes a minute to visit to remove your name from mailing lists for catalogs, insurance offers and more!
  6. Reusable Lunch Containers – Instead of a brown bag, carry a lunch box. Instead of zip top bags, invest in reusable bags. You’ll spend a little money upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run.
  7. Stop Buying Bottled Water – Bottled water has become the American way, and up until two years ago…I was guilty of buying a 24-pack every single week! WOW…that’s $4 a week, $16 a month and $208 a year for WATER! Stop buying bottled water and start buying refillable bottles for your family to take to work, school and sports.
  8. Unplug – Phantom Electricity is the electricity that is used when a device is plugged in but not in use. For example…you leave your cell phone charger plugged in all the time, but you only charge your phone every few days…did you know that your charger is still using electricity when it is plugged in but not charging? This is “Phantom Electricity”, and little bits are being used throughout your home everyday hence the name “phantom.” Wasted electricity is not earth friendly, and wasted electricity is wasting your money!
  9. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle – If you’re not recycling, this is a great week to start! The first step is to have a system and make sure everybody in your family understands it! The Budget Diet girl’s system of 4 bins in your kitchen pantry or under the sink: trash, paper/cardboard, glass, cans & plastics. After a few weeks, recycling will become a habit, and your neighbors will be green with envy when you only have one small bag of trash each week!
  10. Homemade Cleaning Products Make the switch to homemade cleaning products that cost pennies to make and clean just as well without harsh chemicals. Try these recipes for homemade cleaning products.