Organic Treats for Kids

Eating organic food is a boon to the environment and personal health, but it can be a chore to get kids to join in willingly. Don’t succumb to fast food and commercial snacks, just try out these easy, healthy, organic treats for kids:

1. Fruit pops
Freeze organic fruit juice for a quick, simple treat. They can be made in a special popsicle tray or plain ice cube trays, where you can add them to a glass of juice. It’s sugar-sweet and great for afterschool snacks, but contains a fraction of the calories and no artificial sweeteners.

2. Peanut butter and apples
It may not seem like a great treat, but organic peanut butter scooped up with a few slices of fresh apple makes a wonderful and filling lunch. It’s full of protein, fiber, and vitamins and you can pair it with graham crackers or a small chunk of semi-sweet dark chocolate.

3. Yogurt
Organic yogurt can be an excellent, easy-to-prepare treat for kids. You can eat it plain, add ice and milk to make a smoothie, or even use it as a dip for fruit. It can even be mixed with granola for a healthy alternative to breakfast cereal.

4. Homemade applesauce
It’s very simple to make applesauce at home from organic apples. Peel, core, and dice a pound of sweet baking apples, such as Honeycrisp, Gala, or Empire, and toss them into a slow cooker with a little bit of sugar and ground cinnamon. After a few hours on high heat, they’ll cook down into a sweet, healthy snack that keeps well in the fridge.

5. Ants on a log
This quick treat has been around for ages, and for good reason. Just slather peanut butter on a celery stick and dot it with raisins for a healthy handheld snack. Kids can get protein, plenty of vitamins from the celery, and lots of iron and antioxidants from the raisins.

6. Granola bars
You can buy or make your own granola bars, a fantastic healthy snack for kids. You can hand them out after school, tuck them into lunch boxes, or even use them to replace fatty breakfast foods. There are dozens of recipes online for baking granola bars, most of which consist of just baking a mix of dried fruit, nuts, and granola with milk and butter.

7. Pita chips and hummus
If your kids aren’t picky eaters, hummus and pita can be a great replacement for salty chips and dip. It can be bought easy or made at home, giving your children the energy they need without the preservatives, salt, and calories.

Guest Post.  Stacey Cavalari is a technology specialist writer for Phoenix kiosk, a Kiosk Manufacturer firm in Tempe, AZ. Phoenix Kiosk specializes in custom kiosks for small to large size organizations.


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